Motherboard Monitor

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Motherboard Monitor
Original author(s) Alexander Van Kaam
Initial release January 21, 1998
Stable release Update 2 / September 13, 2006
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type System hardware monitor
License Freeware

Motherboard Monitor is a utility designed by Alexander Van Kaam for Microsoft Windows that provides live information about the state of a motherboard and other hardware, including temperatures, voltages, fan speeds, and more.

On July 6, 2004, it was announced that development on Motherboard Monitor has been stopped.[1] However, on September 13, 2006, a new update (Update 2) was released adding slightly more compatibility with new motherboards.

On December 8, 2006 a new update (Update 3) was released to add compatibility with Intel's Core/Core2/Core i7(preliminary) Digital Thermal Sensors via a plugin.[2]

Current alternatives to Motherboard Monitor include Open Hardware Monitor, SpeedFan and RealTemp.

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