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Mothers News
TypeAlternative monthly
Owner(s)Rhododenron Festival, Inc.
PublisherRhododenron Festival, Inc.
EditorJacob Khepler
Ceased publication2015
HeadquartersProvidence, RI
United States

Mothers News was a free monthly newspaper published in Providence, RI by Rhododendron Festival. It existed between 2010 and 2015.


Mothers News had a circulation of 5,000 copies per month, including national and international subscribers who receive issues by mail. The first issue was published in May 2010. Initially in 2 page broadsheet format, it expanded in 2011 to 8 pages (or occasionally 12).

The paper was owned and published by Rhododendron Festival, Inc. and edited by Jacob Khepler (née Berendes).[1] It was distributed locally in Providence and nationally at independent bookstores, boutiques, and venues.[2]

Mothers News won the 2011 New England Art Award, in the 'book' category.[3]

The College Hill Independent covered the publication of the 30th issue of Mothers News in November, 2012, interviewing editor Jacob Khepler.[4] In the interview, Khepler commented on his hope for the newspaper, saying, "I want the newspaper to be a bit of a beacon for ‘I’m just doing my thing and it’s working. I trust myself. And my eyes are open to possibility, to failure, to change. And you could do the same thing.’"

Space1026 Gallery in Philadelphia, PA held a Mothers News art show in September 2012, showcasing work from the paper.[5]

Mothers News was an official exhibitor at the 2011 Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival,[6] a featured speaker and exhibitor at the 2013 Baltimore Publications and Multiples Fair,[7] and a special guest at the Rhode Island Independent Publishing Expo[8]


Mothers News included articles on philosophy, religion, arts, culture, music, and more. The paper includes a street fashion column and a comic section, featuring monthly comics from several notable comic artists, including Brian Chippendale, Christopher Forgues, Michael Deforge,[9] Charles Forsman [10] and others.[11]

Back issues of the first three years of Mothers News are viewable online.

In other media[edit]

An issue of Mothers News was visible on a table in the November 11, 2011 episode of Roger Ebert's PBS television show Ebert Presents: At the Movies (see screenshot or video).

Comic strips from Mothers News appeared in the exhibition "Comics" by CF, at Beginnings—Gallery in New York City NY.[12]

In a 2012 photo of fashion journalist Tavi Gevinson's bedroom, a September issue of Mothers News featuring a "fashion news" section appears among other prints and jewelry.[13]


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