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Moti Nandi (Bengali: মতি নন্দী; 10 July 1931 – 3 January 2010) was a Bengali writer based in Kolkata, India. He was born in Kolkata in 1931. He was an alumnus of the University of Calcutta. He died in 2010.


Moti Nandi was a sports journalist and worked as a sports editor in Anandabazar Patrika. He was awarded the Lifetime Achievement award (2008) at a glittering ceremony to mark the grand finale of the maiden edition of the Excellence in Journalism Awards.[1] In his novels, he is noted for his depiction of sporting events and many of his protagonists are sports-persons. His first short story was published in Desh weekly in 1957. His story for Pujabarshiki was in Parichoy Magazine in 1985.[2] The character Kolaboti from his novels is popular among the younger audience.[3]



  • Shada Kham (Ananda Pub.)
  • Ubhoyoto Sampurno (Ananda Pub.)
  • Golap Bagan (Ananda Pub.)
  • Chaya (Ananda Pub.)
  • Chaya Soronite Rohini (Ananda Pub.)
  • Jibonto (Ananda Pub.)
  • Duti Tinti Ghor (Ananda Pub.)
  • Ditio Innings er Por (Ananda Pub.)
  • Duro Dristi (Ananda Pub.)
  • Puber Janala (Ananda Pub.)
  • Bonanider Bari (Ananda Pub.)
  • Bijolibalar Mukti (Ananda Pub.)
  • Malabika (Ananda Pub.)
  • Sibi (Ananda Pub.)
  • Soloke Ponero Kora (Ananda Pub.)
  • Sohodeber Tajmahal (Ananda Pub.)
  • Sobai Jache (Ananda Pub.)
  • Dosti Uponyas (Ananda Pub.)
  • Nakhatter Raat (Punascha)
  • Baobab (Punascha)
  • Dadash Bakti (Punascha)
  • Nayaker Probesh o Prasthan (Punascha)
  • "Baranda"
  • "korunabashata"
  • "chotobabu"

Works for children[edit]

  • Koni(Ananda Pub.)
  • Aloukik Dilu(Ananda Pub.)
  • Stopper(Ananda Pub.)
  • Striker(Ananda Pub.)
  • Kuronn(Ananda Pub.)
  • Jibon Ananta(Ananda Pub.)
  • Nnaran(Ananda Pub.)
  • Feraari(Ananda Pub.)
  • Tulsi(Ananda Pub.)
  • Dolbodoler Aage(Ananda Pub.)
  • Minu Chinur Trophy(Ananda Pub.)
  • Empiyaring
  • Dhankurir Kingkong(Ananda Pub.)
  • Biswa-jora Biswacup(Ananda Pub.)
  • Buro Ghora(Ananda Pub.)
  • Doshti Kishore Uponyas(Ananda Pub.)
  • Cricket er Ayne Kanun(Ananda Pub.)
  • Bhuli(Gangchil)
  • Shiba(Ananda Pub.)

Doshti Kishore Uponyas[edit]

  • Nonida Not Out
  • Striker
  • Stopper
  • Oporajito Ananda
  • Dolbodoler Aage
  • Feraari
  • uMPiring
  • Tulsi
  • Nnaran
  • Minu Chinur Trophy

Kolabati series[edit]

  • Kolaboti
  • Kolaboti Der Diet Chart
  • Kolaboti r Dekha Shona
  • Kolaboti o Khayeri
  • Bhuter Basay Kolaboti
  • Kolaboti, Apur maa o Panchu
  • Kolaboti o Millenium Match
  • Kolabotir Shaktishel



One of his novels, Koni, released in 1986, was filmed with Soumitra Chatterjee in one of the lead roles.[4] Another novel "Striker" (1978) was filmed with Samit Bhanja in the lead role.

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