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This article is about the village in Pakistan. For the jazz drummer, see Paul Motian.

Mota jahangir (or Mota Jahangir) is a village in Jhelum District, Punjab province, Pakistan.

Mota jhangir is a small village near jhelum city

Sarrounded by bokan awana Monapind jundila rakhranwan janwal jhangir villages about 7 kilometres from jhelum city gujjars are the land owner in the village especially haji sabar Hussain ch muhammad yaqub sain muhammad ashraf mahar tariq Hussain ch muhammad arif are the owner of the most of the land of village mota jahangir village masjid is beautiful janaza gha of village is built by haji sabar Hussain family gujjar of mota jhangir are peaceful .khanaqa of village is beautiful and built by gujjars lives in uk mostly efforts by ch asif Hussain. Still the village is short of dispencery boys and girls school.

Coordinates: 33°01′N 73°43′E / 33.017°N 73.717°E / 33.017; 73.717