Motion (Almah album)

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Almah - Motion.jpg
Studio album by Almah
Released 2011
Recorded Norcal Studios in São Paulo
Genre Power metal, thrash metal, progressive metal
Label AFM Records
Producer Brendan Duffey
Almah chronology
Fragile Equality

Motion is the third studio album by Brazilian power metal band Almah released in July 2011.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Hypnotized (feat. Edu Cominato)
  2. Living And Drifting
  3. Days Of The New (feat. Edu Cominato)
  4. Bullets On The Altar
  5. Zombies Dictator (feat. Victor Cutrale)
  6. Trace Of Trait
  7. Soul Alight
  8. Late Night in ’85
  9. Daydream Lucidity (feat. Thiago Bianchi)
  10. When And Why
  11. Get a Wish (Japanese bonus)



  • Tito Falaschi - Additional keyboards
  • Victor Cutrale (Furia Inc.) - Vocals on Zombies Dictator
  • Thiago Bianchi (Shaman) - Vocals on Daydream Lucidity
  • Edu Cominato - Additional vocals on Hypnotized and Days of the New