Moto Guzzi V1000 Convert

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Moto Guzzi V1000 Convert
Moto Guzzi 1000 Convert 1.jpg
Manufacturer Moto Guzzi
Production 1975–1982
Class Standard
Engine 949 cc (57.9 cu in) OHV air-cooled 90° V-twin
Top speed 110 mph (180 km/h)[1]
Power 71 hp (53 kW) @ 6,500 rpm[1]
Transmission Shaft drive from automatic 2 speed gearbox
Brakes Front: 2x disc, Rear: disc, pedal linked to one front disc
Weight 255 kg (562 lb)[1] (dry)
Fuel consumption 35 mpg‑US (6.7 L/100 km; 42 mpg‑imp) to 45 mpg‑US (5.2 L/100 km; 54 mpg‑imp)[1]

The Moto Guzzi V1000 Convert was a motorcycle made by Moto Guzzi at Mandello del Lario, Italy. The designers at Moto Guzzi were aiming the V1000 Convert at the US police motorcycle market and were the first to produce a big capacity automatic motorcycle with shaft drive.

Moto Guzzi increased the pushrod-operated V-twin's bore and stroke to give a displacement of 949 cc (57.9 cu in), and replaced manual gearbox with a torque converter built by Sachs, and two-speed gearbox.[1]

The "Convert" name referred to the torque converter which fed engine power to a conventional clutch. The clutch had to be used to shift between two speeds but the torque converter enabled the bike to stop in either gear and accelerate smoothly without using the clutch.[2]


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