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Moto-Azabu (元麻布) is a district of Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

The district is home to Zenpuku-ji, a Jōdo Shinshū temple also known as Azabu-san (麻布山). Embassy of the China in Tokyo, former Embassy of the Manchuria before WWⅡ, is located in this area.

Azabu High School and the Minato Ward Nanzan elementary school, also Nishimachi International School, located in Moto-Azabu.

Moto-azabu borders Nishi-Azabu on the west, Minami-Azabu on the south, Azabu-Jūban on the east, and Roppongi on the north.

Coordinates: 35°39′16″N 139°43′41″E / 35.6544°N 139.7280°E / 35.6544; 139.7280