MotorSport Ranch

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MotorSport Ranch
MSR Logo.jpg
Created by Alexander Muse
Starring Jack Farr, Michael Tari, Deborah Loth, John Ward
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 14
Producer(s) Robert Bennett, Alexander Muse, Scott Ryan
Running time 60 minutes
Original network Pilot: INHD, Series: VOOM and Dish Network
Original release 2005 (2005) – 2007 (2007)
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MotorSport Ranch is an American reality television series created by Alexander Muse. The show centers on a real-life country club where instead of a golf course or tennis courts, the members have access to two world class road courses. MotorSport Ranch is located in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, complete with trackside homes, full outfitted racing garages, a multi-level clubhouse and more than 400 active members. Produced by Robert Bennett, Alexander Muse and Scott Ryan, the pilot originally aired on INHD and the series premiered on VOOM's Rush HD HDTV channel.


First Episode (2-hour pilot)— Introduction to MotorSport Ranch. Set the scene. Meet the Ranch-owner, Ranch-hands, the Club Pro, the banker, the investors and the prevailing Title-holder or “top gun.” Briefly meet each competing member both on- and off-track and behold his (or her) spectacular car or motorcycle. Initial competition: “Show Down, 1.” Several drivers are eliminated based on various factors. Tease season’s future episodes.

Next Episodes— Set the Scene: Brief visual review: concept of MotorSport Ranch as a country club. Re-introduce the Ranch-owner, Ranch-hands and the Club Pro. Meet the Members: Remaining eccentric, affluent members and their dream cars profiled. Viewers are granted a glimpse into their opulent real worlds. Practice: Members prepare for The Show Down. Viewers are compelled to select and root for their favorites including phone and web voting, SMS, and public events. Dinner party: Members meet and interact in a posh social setting the night before The Show Down. Dinner party theme and menu will vary. Alternatively, if Brinker International is interested in a sponsorship we could hold the dinners at the local Chilies right outside of the track. The Show Down: The two part, climatic, electrifying weekly race! Length and style will vary. Spotlight on the Winner: Cocktail after-party. Victor is toasted by members/staff. The spine-tingling elimination.

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