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Group of companies Motor Oil (Hellas) Corinth Refineries S.A.
Όμιλος εταιρειών Μότορ Όιλ (Ελλάς) Διυλιστήρια Κορίνθου Α.Ε.
Native name
Anonymi Etairia
Traded asAthexMOH
IndustryPetroleum, Gas & energy industry
FounderNikos Vardinogiannis
Vardis Vardinogiannis
Area served
SE Europe, Northern Africa
Key people
Vardis Vardinogiannis[1] (President)
Giannis Vardinogiannis (V. President)
Petros Tzannetakis (CEO)[2]
ProductsPetroleum refining and transportation in Greece and abroad, energy, other petrochemicals
ServicesFuel gas stations, oil tankers, planes
RevenueIncrease7.843 billion (2017)[3]
Increase€899.50 million (2017)[4]
Increase€315.55 million (2017)[3]
Total assetsIncrease€2.895 billion (2017)[3]
Total equityIncrease€1.018 billion (2017)[3]
OwnerMotor Oil Holdings S.A. (47.4%)[5]
Number of employees
approx 15.000 (2017)
SubsidiariesAvin Oil
Cyclon Hellas
Coral Gas
Korinthos Power
Ermes Archived 2001-09-24 at the Wayback Machine</ref>

Motor Oil (Hellas), Corinth Refineries S.A. (Greek: Μότορ Όιλ (Ελλάς) Διυλιστήρια Κορίνθου Α.Ε.) is a petroleum company based in Greece focusing on petroleum refining and trading. It is a leading force in its sector in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean.[6]

Refinery, facilities and gas stations[edit]

The company operates the second-largest refiner(Corinth Refinery) in Europe based in Corinth, Greece,and the Cairo-based oil and gas exploration and production facilities in Egypt. It also owns the Avin, Shell and Cyclon chain of fuel stations in Greece which are more than 2,000 along with a host of other gas and energy-related businesses.[7]

Subsidiaries - affiliates[edit]

Motor Oil Hellas has numerous subsidiares such as Avin Oil S.A, Coral Gas, Coral Gas A.E.B.E.Y., OFC Aviation Fuel Services S.A., Korinthos Power S.A, Cyclon Hellas S.A, Shell & MOH Aviation Fuels A.E., Athens Airport Fuel Pipeline Company.


Motor Oil's majority shareholder is Motor Oil Holdings S.A. (47.4%), a holding company that belongs to the prominent Greek family of Vardinogiannis, the rest of its shares are available to the public through a float on the Athens Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange.

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