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Joint Stock Company Motor Sich
IndustryAerospace industry
Founded1907; 113 years ago (1907)
HeadquartersZaporizhia, Ukraine
Area served
ProductsAircraft engines, Turbojet engines
Increase UAH 3.3 billion (2015)[1]
Total assetsIncrease UAH 20.7 billion (2015)[1]
Number of employees
21,860 (December, 2010)[2]

The JSC Motor Sich Public Joint Stock Company (Ukrainian: ВАТ «Мотор Січ») in Zaporizhia is one of the largest engine manufacturers for airplanes and helicopters worldwide. It is also the only enterprise in Ukraine manufacturing engines for airplanes and helicopters as well as industrial gas turbine installations.


Motor-Sich currently produces the Ivchenko Progress D-18 turbofan which powers variants of the Antonov An-124 and An-225 freighters, although the Ivchenko Progress D-36/Ivchenko Progress D-436 series remain the highest production-rate engines in the CIS.

Motor Sich inherited some of the former Soviet Union's aero engine manufacturing capabilities. It produces turbofan, turboprop and rotary-wing turboshaft engines that power aircraft in Russian service, such as Mi- and Ka-series military helicopters.[3]

Among the company's new products is the MS-500V turboshaft engine, originally intended for the Russian Ansat helicopter.

The company has announced that it was planning to launch its own helicopter, dubbed Hope, in 2018.[4]

As of 2017 Beijing Skyrizon Aviation had purchased a 41% holding in Motor Sich, but in September 2017 a Ukrainian court froze the holding for national security reasons. Beijing Skyrizon Aviation had agreed to invest $250 million in the Ukrainian plants, and to set up an assembly and servicing plant in Chongqing in southwest China.[5] When the authorities of the United States criticized Ukraine for selling engines from Motor Sich to China, Ukrainian politician Oleh Lyashko stated, "If the United States don't want that us began to sell to the Chinese, let them buy our aircraft engines."[6]


In 2011 it acquired Orsha Engineering Factory, Orsha, Belarus.


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