Motor Sich Airlines

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This article is about the airline. For aircraft engine manufacturer, see Motor Sich.
Motor Sich Airlines
Авіакомпанія Мотор Січ
Msich logo silver.png
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded 1984
Hubs Zaporizhia International Airport
Fleet size 13
Destinations 8
Parent company Motor Sich
Headquarters Zaporizhia, Ukraine

Motor Sich is a Ukrainian airline based in Zaporizhia, Ukraine. It operates passenger and cargo services, including charter and scheduled flights. Its main base is Zaporizhia International Airport.[2]


The airline was established in 1984 and is wholly owned by the Motor Sich Joint Stock Company, a major aircraft engine company. It has 193 employees (at March 2007).[2]




Current fleet[edit]

Motor Sich Airlines Antonov An-140

As of February 2013 the Motor Sich fleet includes the following aircraft[3]

  • 2 Antonov An-12 AN-12BK registration UR-11316 yom 1969 & AN-12B UR-11819 yom 1966
  • 3 Antonov An-24RV registration UR-MSI yom 1972 & UR-BXC yom 1973 & UR-47297 yom 1971
  • 1 Antonov An-74 AN-74TK-200 registration UR-74026 yom 1992
  • 2 Antonov An-140 registration UR-14005 yom 2003 & AN-140-100 registration UR-14007 yom 2004
  • 2 Yakovlev Yak-40 registration UR-88310 yom 1980 & UR-87215 yom 1975
  • 3 Mil Mi-8 Helicopters registration UR-MSK yom 1973 & UR-MSF yom 1974 & Mi-8T registration UR-MSB yom 1973

Previously operated[edit]

The airline has also previously operated[3]


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