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Motorama DVD cover
Directed by Barry Shils
Produced by Donald P. Borchers
Written by Joseph Minion
Starring Martha Quinn
Michael J. Pollard
Meat Loaf
Drew Barrymore
Garrett Morris
Jordan Christopher Michael
Music by Andy Summers
Cinematography Joseph Yacoe
Edited by Peter H. Verity
Distributed by Two Moon Releasing
Release date
September 10, 1991
Running time
90 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $10,535 (US)[1]

Motorama is a 1991 American surrealistic road film[2] about a ten-year-old runaway boy (played by Jordan Christopher Michael) on a road trip for the purpose of collecting game pieces (cards) from the fictional "Chimera" gas stations in order to spell out the word M-O-T-O-R-A-M-A. By doing so he will supposedly win the grand prize of $500 million. The film features cameos by Drew Barrymore, Flea, Jack Nance, Robert Picardo, Martha Quinn and Meat Loaf. It was written by Joseph Minion screenwriter of After Hours.

Parts of the movie were filmed in and around Lake Powell and the city of Page, Arizona. In one scene, Gus, the title character, is shown driving on top of the Glen Canyon Dam (which is not allowed by the general public). The gated entrance to "Essex", a fictional state in the movie, is actually the service entrance to the Glen Canyon Dam. The Navajo Generating Station near Page is shown in several scenes as well. The strange-looking paper currencies used throughout the film are slightly modified versions of (former) Dutch Guilder notes.



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