Motorcycle Consumer News

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Motorcycle Consumer News
Magazine logo with word "motorcycle" in large red letters and words "consumer news" in smaller white capital letters on a blue background
Editor David Hilgendorf
Former editors Dave Searle, Fred Rau
Categories Motorcycle magazine
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Lumina Media
Founder Roger Hull
Year founded 1969
Country USA
Based in Irvine, California
Language English
Website Official site
ISSN 1073-9408

Motorcycle Consumer News (MCN) is a monthly motorcycling magazine that reviews motorcycles and accessories, and covers motorcycle safety and training, and industry news. Unlike most automotive enthusiast publications, it is wholly subscriber-supported and does not accept advertising.[1][2]

History and profile[edit]

The magazine was started in 1969 with the name Road Rider.[3][4] Roger Hull was the founder of the magazine.[3] He was also the publisher and editor of the magazine until 1982.[4]

While not financially beholden to motorcycle industry advertisers, Motorcycle Consumer News is similar to other motorcycling publications in that it is dependent on motorcycle manufacturers to furnish the motorcycles they test, rather than anonymously purchasing the test vehicles, as is done by Consumer Reports.[5]

Contributors have included safety specialist and Motorcycle Hall of Fame member David L. Hough, Ken Condon, Lee Parks, Moshe K. Levy, designer Glynn Kerr, physician Flash Gordon M.D., and Mike Kneebone, president of the Iron Butt Association.[6][7]


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