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Motorroller "Vespa" im Stadteinsatz in Paris 1991.jpg

Motorcycle commuting is a commuting alternative to buses, trains and cars. The term includes a number of two wheel motor vehicles including scooters, minibikes, monkey bikes and motorcycles.

United Kingdom[edit]

In London, England, over the last ten years, powered two wheelers (PTWs) have increased by 40%. About 16,000 PTWs now ride into London every day.[1]

Due to revenue raising objectives, Westminster Council (London) are charging motorcycles to park.[2] Many groups stand for the motorcyclist and PTW users and they are actively lobbying Westminster Council to try and persuade them not to pursue charging for motorcycle parking.[3][4]

United States[edit]

In the United States, many individuals commute by motorycle. Ride To Work Inc. is a national organization that encourages motorcycle commuting. Its annual Ride To Work day, the United States' largest motorcycle event by number of participants, is designed increase awareness of motorcyclists amongst other road users.


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