Motorola C139

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Motorola C139
Motorola C139.jpg
First released 2005
Weight 85 g (3.2 oz)
Memory Up to 100 names and numbers
Display TFT, 65K colors

Motorola C139 is a cellular phone designed and manufactured for Motorola by an Original design manufacturer.[citation needed] It addresses people with basic needs,[1] and has limited features.[2] This phone has been offered on AT&T's GoPhone service, TracFone, Cellular One, and Net10. It is primarily focused for prepaid plans,[3] and was claimed by a PC Magazine review to be the cheapest unlocked GSM handset.[4] The Motorola C139 is supported by OsmocomBB.

Design flaws[edit]

A demonstration of the Motorola C139 screen glare, and unreadability with the backlight off.

This phone is designed so that the LCD screen is only readable with the backlight on.[5][6]

->Color LCD screens are only visible with the light on, so it's unclear how that counts as a design flaw. What was problematic was that when the light went off, and you pressed a key to turn it back on, the phone acted on that key press as normal, so for instance if there was an alert message on the screen and the light went off, then you pressed the End key, that would both turn the light back on and dismiss the message.


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