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Motorola Single Board Computers is Motorola's production line of computer boards for embedded systems.[1] There are three different lines : mvme68k, mvmeppc and mvme88k. The first version of the board appeared in 1988. Motorola still makes those boards and the last one is MVME3100.[2]

NetBSD supports module families MVME147, MVME162, MVME167, MVME172 and MVME177.[3]

OpenBSD supports the MVME141, MVME165, MVME188 and MVME197 boards.[4]

As one of the founders of the VME (MVME) architecture and the VME International Trade Association (VITA) decades ago, Artesyn has made significant contributions to the evolution of the technology by developing unmatchable expertise in the design of industry-leading VME (MVME) products and have been a long-standing, trusted supplier for highly demanding applications. To underline this commitment, Artesyn has been investing heavily in their VME (MVME) offerings to ensure that Artesyn can continue to offer an extensive portfolio of VME boards up to at least 2025. Artesyn Embedded Technologies embedded computing group emerges from legacy acquisitions of some of the leaders in the embedded computing industry including Force Computers, Heurikon Computers, and the Motorola Computing Group (MCG).

Board CPU
MVME 110 68000
MVME 133 68020
MVME 141 68030
MVME 143[5] 68030
MVME 147 68030
MVME 162 68040
MVME 165 68040
MVME 167 68040
MVME 172 68060
MVME 177 68060
MVME 181 88000
MVME 187 88000
MVME 188 88000
MVME 197 88110
MVME 1603 PowerPC 603
MVME 1604 PowerPC 604
MVME 2301 PowerPC 603
MVME 2305 PowerPC 604
MVME 2700 PowerPC G3
MVME 3100 PowerPC MPC8540
MVME 4100 PowerPC MPC8548E
MVME 5100 PowerPC MPC750/MPC755/MPC7410
MVME 5500 PowerPC MPC7457
MVME 6100 PowerPC MPC7457
MVME 7100 PowerPC MPC864xD


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