Motorola Timeport

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Motorola Timeport
Motorola Timeport L7089.jpg
Motorola Timeport L7089. The later models from 2001/2 look very different.
Compatible networksGSM
Weight140g (L7089, P7389)
97g/108g (250, 260, 280)
Motorola Timeport P8767 special display
Motorola Timeport P8767.
Compatible networksCDMA and analog AMPS

The Motorola Timeport is a series of candybar and flip mobile phones manufactured by Motorola. They were first released in 1999.[1]

The models are:

  • L7089 (1999)
  • P7389 (2000)
  • P8767 (2000)
  • 250 (2001)
  • 280 (2001)
  • 260 (2002)

Motorola Timeport P8767 – The first mobile phone with OLED display.[edit]

Motorola Timeport P8767, introduced in September 2000 and released in December 2000, includes the Organic Electroluminescent phone display, developed by Tohoku Pioneer Corporation, using Pioneed OEL technology (PM-OLED display in today's terminology). The display is not full color, but area color (green, blue and red in own areas).[2]


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