Motorola V3688

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Motorola V3688
Dimensions3.43" x 1.80" x 0.93"
Mass3.14 oz.

The Motorola V3688 is a basic cellular phone. The phone has a small interior screen, hidden in the clamshell design. However, it lacks a camera, speakerphone, or outer display. It is a discontinued model.[1]

Motorola V3688 Specifications[edit]

The complete Motorola V3688 list of specifications are :

Type Specification[2]
Modes GSM 900 / GSM 1800
Weight 3.14 oz (83 g)
Dimensions 3.43" x 1.80" x 0.93" (83 x 44 x 25 mm )
Form Factor Clamshell Stub Antenna
Battery Life Talk: 3.33 hours (200 minutes) Standby: 140 hours (5.8 days)
Battery Type Standard, 600mAh Li-Ion
Display Type: Monochrome graphic, Optimax Size: 96 x 64 pixels, 5 lines
Platform / OS (N/A)
Memory 300 entries
Phone Book Capacity 250 SIM card only
High-Speed Data 14.4k
Text Messaging SMS
Pre Release Codename Kramer, StarTAC 210
Multiple Languages 26
Available Colors black, galaxy gray, light titanium, and radar blue
Available Accessories Replacement battery, car charger


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