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Serbian motorway network
  • In service
  • Under construction
  • Planned

Motorways in Serbia are called autoput (Serbian Cyrillic: аутопут), a name which simply means auto road. Roads that are motorways are categorized as state roads, class Ia and are marked with one-digit numbers. Motorways in Serbia have three lanes (including emergency lane) in each direction (including hard shoulder), signs are white-on-green, and the normal speed limit is 120 km/h. They are maintained and operated by the national road construction company JP "Putevi Srbije" ("Roads of Serbia").

As of September 2017, there are 782 km of motorways in service.

List of motorways[edit]

As the Serbian word for motorway is "autoput", the "A1", "A2", "A3", "A4" or "A5" road designations are used since 2013.[1]

Designation Route Planned In service
A1 Border with Hungary near Horgoš - Subotica - Novi Sad - Belgrade (Belgrade bypass) - Niš - Leskovac - Vranje - Border with Macedonia near Preševo 588 km 554 km
A2 Belgrade (intersection with A1) - Preljina (intersection with A5) near Čačak - Požega - Border with Montenegro near Boljare 258 km 53 km
A3 Belgrade (intersection with A1) - Sremska Mitrovica - Border with Croatia near Batrovci 93 km 93 km
A4 Niš (intersection with A1) - Pirot - Border with Bulgaria near Gradinje 105 km 82 km
A5 Preljina (intersection with A2) near Čačak - Kraljevo - Kruševac - Pojate (intersection with A1) 110 km 0 km
Total 1,154 km 782 km

A1 motorway

A1 runs from the Horgoš border crossing with Hungary near Subotica, passing Novi Sad, Belgrade (A3 and A2 junction), Pojate near Kruševac (A5 junction), Niš (A4 junction), Leskovac and Vranje and eventually ends at the Preševo border crossing with the Republic of Macedonia. This motorway is part of European route E75.

The road sign informing the motorists they are travelling on an autoput
A2 motorway

A2 is a motorway under construction that will link Belgrade with Montenegro. The route passes Obrenovac, Čačak, Požega, Arilje, Ivanjica and ends at Boljare (at the border with Montenegro).

A3 motorway

A3 is the only completed motorway in Serbia, links Belgrade with Croatia.

A4 motorway

A4 is a motorway under construction that will connect the A1 motorway to Bulgaria, part of European route E80.

A5 motorway

A5 is a planned motorway that will link A1 with A2. The route passes Kruševac and Kraljevo.

Network expansion[edit]

Since 2004, motorways network have been under constant expansion. There are currently 124 kilometers of motorways under construction: two sections 34 km-long of the A1 motorway (from south of Leskovac to Bujanovac), 67 km-long segment of A2 (between Belgrade and Ljig), and 23 kilometers on the A4 (east of Niš to the Bulgarian border).[2][3][4]

A1 motorway near Inđija

Motorways annual expansion figures since 2004:[citation needed]


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