Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld

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Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld
Motorworld bbc titlecard.jpg
Presented byJeremy Clarkson
Country of originUnited Kingdom
No. of episodes13
Producer(s)Dennis Jarvis
Running time30 minutes
Original networkBBC Two
Picture formatPAL
Original release5 January 1995 (1995-01-05) –
26 December 1996 (1996-12-26)
Motorworld (book)
2004 Penguin cover
AuthorJeremy Clarkson
CountryUnited Kingdom
Publication date
1996 (BBC Books)
2004 (Penguin)
Media typePaperback

Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld is a BBC television series about the car and motoring cultures of various countries. The show was presented by Jeremy Clarkson and consisted of two series of six episodes each plus a special focusing on the UK. Each episode focused on a different country or region. The series was first shown in the UK on BBC Two in 1995, and was subsequently shown to an international audience on BBC World. It has also been repeated on Dave. The Best Of Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld, a video containing 70 minutes of highlights from the series was released on 7 October 1996. The video was later released on DVD as part of The Jeremy Clarkson Collection in 2007. There was also a book written by Clarkson based on the series. Clarkson described the series as: "From the sports cars of the wealthy in Monaco to the 1950s Morris Oxfords that still rule the roads in India, this is a lighthearted look at the culture of the car in 12 different countries. His travels include visits to Italy, home of the Ferrari - "a steel deity, sex on wheels"; Japan, where he has a brush with the local Mercedes-driving mafia; and Iceland, where he takes his life in his hands and hurtles around the most dangerous off-the-road course in the world in a customized 4WD jeep."

Episode list[edit]

# Episode Airdate Production Code
Series 1, Episode 1 Japan 5 January 1995 NBMW545B
Series 1, Episode 2 Vietnam 12 January 1995 NBMW550X
Series 1, Episode 3 Detroit 19 January 1995 NBMW549D
Series 1, Episode 4 Iceland 26 January 1995 NBMW547P
Series 1, Episode 5 Italy 2 February 1995 NBMW546W
Series 1, Episode 6 India 9 February 1995 NBMW548J
Series 2, Episode 1 Monaco 4 January 1996 NBMX433A
Series 2, Episode 2 Cuba 11 January 1996 NBMX435N
Series 2, Episode 3 Switzerland 18 January 1996 NBMX432F
Series 2, Episode 4 Australia 25 January 1996 NBMX436H
Series 2, Episode 5 Texas 1 February 1996 NBMX434T
Series 2, Episode 6 Dubai 8 February 1996 NBMX437B
Series 2, Episode 7 United Kingdom 26 December 1996 NBHA575P


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