Motosumiyoshi Station

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Motosumiyoshi Station

Location Kizuki 1-36-1, Nakahara, Kawasaki, Kanagawa
Operated by Tokyu Corporation
Line(s) Tōyoko Line
  • Bus stop
Opened 1926
Passengers (2008) 62,149 daily

Motosumiyoshi Station (元住吉駅 Motosumiyoshi-eki?) is a railway station on the Tokyu Corporation's Tōyoko Line in Nakahara Ward, Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. It is 12.1 kilometers from the terminus of the Tōyoko Line at Shibuya Station and 10.4 kilometers from the terminus of the Meguro Line at Meguro Station.


Motosumiyoshi Station opened as one of the original Tōyoko Line stations on February 14, 1926. The station was rebuilt as an underground station (ticket gates were underground and platforms were on the ground) in 1963, but was totally reconstructed in 2006 as an elevated above-ground station.

On February 15, 2014, at around 12:30 a.m., two Tōyoko Line trains collided on the Yokohama-bound track at the station. 19 passengers were lightly injured in the accident. The cause of the accident was supposedly the heavy snow that resulted in lack of braking force.[1]


This station is served by following lines:

Motosumiyoshi Station
Track Layout

Musashi-Kosugi Station

(6) 5 4 3 2 (1)

Hiyoshi Station

Station layout[edit]

Motosumiyoshi Station has two island platforms with six tracks. The outermost tracks 1 and 6 are for through passage of express traffic.

For Passing  Tōyoko Line Used for express services or faster
2  Toyoko Line HiyoshiKikunaYokohamaMinatomiraiMotomachi-Chūkagai
3  Meguro Line Hiyoshi
4  Meguro Line Musashi-KosugiŌokayamaMeguro
(Tokyo Metro Namboku Line) Akabane-Iwabuchi, (Saitama Rapid Railway Line) Urawa-Misono
(Toei Mita Line) Nishi-Takashimadaira
5  Tōyoko Line Musashi-KosugiJiyūgaokaShibuya
Subway TokyoFukutoshin.png Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line for Kotake-Mukaihara and Wakōshi
For Passing  Toyoko Line Used for express services or faster

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Tōkyū Tōyoko Line
Musashi-Kosugi   Local   Hiyoshi
Express: Does not stop at this station
Commuter Ltd. Exp.: Does not stop at this station
Ltd. Exp.: Does not stop at this station
Tōkyū Meguro Line (MG12)
Hiyoshi (MG13)   Local   Musashi-Kosugi (MG11)
Express: Does not stop at this station


  1. ^ "Railway operator Tokyu blames snow for train collision in Kawasaki". The Japan Times. Kyodo. February 15, 2014. Retrieved February 16, 2014. 

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Coordinates: 35°33′52″N 139°39′15″E / 35.564315°N 139.654046°E / 35.564315; 139.654046