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A motovlog is a type of video log recorded by a person while riding a motorcycle. The word is a neologism and portmanteau derived from "motorcycle", "video" and "log".

A rider who creates video blogs known as a motovlogger,[1][2] and the action of making motovlogs is called motovlogging.[2][3] Most motovloggers upload their videos on YouTube, and the network of motovloggers here is known as the motovloggers community.[citation needed]


It is uncertain when the first motovlog was created, but one of the earliest motovlog channels on YouTube is M13, which became active in 2006.[2]

The very first Motovlogger from India is HeartBrokenBiker and most famous Motovlogger in India till now is Mumbiker Nikhil with more than 6 lakhs subscribers.

In the present years motovlogging has been spreading into different countries and languages, this growth has been notable in an important way in Latin America, where in countries such as Mexico exists one of the first motovloggers to reach 100,000 subscribers in the region called Vik Moto TV channel dedicated to motovlogging and motorcycle reviewing in Spanish language.

Other currently active and relevant Mexican motovloggers are: Dragon Rider MotoVlog, The Kafkaesque Rider, John Rides, Rivel Moto, Monkey Squad, Armando Motovlogs


There are many channels on YouTube dedicated to motovlogging. Many motovloggers do not show their face or the license plate of their motorcycle in videos. The British motovlogger, BaronVonGrumble, stated in an interview that anonymity exists to make the videos more mysterious and exciting to watch.[4]

Motovloggers have occasionally captured traffic accidents while riding with the camera running.[5] There are also videos of motovloggers helping out randomly encountered people.[1][6]

Sometimes motovloggers encounters the road rage and the vlog lands into a digital proof which could be used as an evidence.

Famous Motovloggers[edit]

There are many popular motovloggers but the best known ones are 6Foot4Honda, DMotovlogs, Oggy F, The Everyday India, Royal Jordanian, BaronVonGrumble, JS Films, Walterriffic and DoltWithDan, JaketheGardenSnake, Mumbiker Nikhil, Vikas Rachamalla, Bigbang Biker, GoPro Man, Chintamani Jaipuri, Atharva thuse . So far, 6Foot4Honda is the most popular motovlogger in terms of subs with more than 1.1 million subscribers, RoyalJordanian is the most popular in terms of views with more than 159 million views. These motovloggers make money off of their vlogs and have large followings. A large motovlog channel called ADVChina also exists and is hosted by China based YouTube vlogers Serpentza and Laowhy86.[7]


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