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Motovun Film Festival
Motovun film festival (460066683).jpg
Location Motovun, Croatia
Founded 1999
Language International

The Motovun Film Festival is an annual film festival established in 1999 and held in the small town of Motovun, Croatia. It usually takes place over five or six days in late July or early August.


Festival logo

Motovun Film Festival is entirely dedicated to films made in small studios and independent film productions. Founded by film director Rajko Grlić and producer Boris T. Matić, it was first organized in the late 1990s to fill the gap in cinema repertoire as there were almost none non-Hollywood films in wide distribution in Croatia at the time. The festival program every year consists of around 70 titles from all over the world, from documentaries to feature films, short and feature-length films, from guerrilla-made films to co-productions.

Over time the festival become widely popular among Croatian youths, as well as foreign backpackers. Every year during the festival, a camp for visitors is organized on the foothills of Motovun, where anybody can put up a tent. The festivalgoers' camp has become one of the hallmarks of the festival. In January 2007 British newspaper The Guardian described the festival as "a cross between Glastonbury and Sundance."[1] It is often referred to as "a Woodstock of film festivals". [2]

The festival also grew in status on the festival circuit. From an event that was once considered a "backpacker's film festival," by 2007 it was recognized as one of the two most important film festivals held on the territory of the former Yugoslavia, along with the Sarajevo Film Festival.[3]

The 2011 festival, which was supposed to be its 13th edition, was re-numerated by organizers as 14th for humorous reasons and triskaidekaphobia.[4] The skipped year was maintained in all later festival editions, so the most recent 2015 festival (held for the 17th time) was officially designated as the "18th Motovun Film Festival".


The main award at the festival is called Propeler Motovuna (English: The Propeller of Motovun, inspired by the prominent wind turbines located near Motovun).

Other awards at the festival are the Motovun Online award for best short film, the odAdoA (From 'A' to 'A') award for best film in the regional competition (the name of the award is short for From Austria to Albania, roughly describing the region covered), and the film critics' FIPRESCI Award.

In 2008, the Motovun Maverick Award was introduced, given to notable filmmakers for lifetime achievement. Its first recipient was Ken Russell. In 2013, Mohsen Makhmalbaf and The Gardener were given the award.

Award winners[edit]

Propeller of Motovun[edit]

Year Film Director Country
002000 (2nd) Billy Elliot Daldry, StephenStephen Daldry  United Kingdom
002001 (3rd) Last Resort Pawlikowski, PawełPaweł Pawlikowski  United Kingdom
002002 (4th) Bloody Sunday Greengrass, PaulPaul Greengrass  United Kingdom
002003 (5th) Punch-Drunk Love Anderson, Paul ThomasPaul Thomas Anderson  United States
002004 (6th) Ae Fond Kiss… Loach, KenKen Loach  United Kingdom
002005 (7th) The Death of Mr. Lazarescu Puiu, CristiCristi Puiu  Romania
002006 (8th) Look Both Ways Watt, SarahSarah Watt  Australia
002007 (9th) Sweet Mud Shaul, DrorDror Shaul  Israel
002008 (10th) Silent Light Reygadas, CarlosCarlos Reygadas  Mexico
002009 (11th) Fish Tank Arnold, AndreaAndrea Arnold  United Kingdom
002010 (12th) October Vega Vidal, Daniel and DiegoDaniel and Diego Vega Vidal  Peru
002011 (14th) Bullhead Roskam, Michaël R.Michaël R. Roskam  Belgium
002012 (15th) The Delay Plá, RodrigoRodrigo Plá  Uruguay
002013 (16th) The Plague Ballús, NeusNeus Ballús  Spain
002014 (17th) The Tribe Slaboshpytskiy, MyroslavMyroslav Slaboshpytskiy  Ukraine
002015 (18th) The Wakhan Front Cogitore, ClémentClément Cogitore  France
002016 (19th) Viva Breathnach, PaddyPaddy Breathnach  Ireland

FIPRESCI Prize[edit]

Year Film Director Country
002001 (3rd) No Man's Land Tanović, DanisDanis Tanović  Bosnia and Herzegovina
002002 (4th) Grill Point Dresen, AndreasAndreas Dresen  Germany
002003 (5th) Margarette's Feast Falcão, RenatoRenato Falcão  Brazil
002004 (6th) The Five Obstructions von Trier, LarsLars von Trier and Jørgen Leth  Denmark
002005 (7th) Day and Night Staho, SimonSimon Staho  Sweden
002006 (8th) We Feed the World Wagenhofer, ErwinErwin Wagenhofer  Austria
002007 (9th) Hallam Foe Mackenzie, DavidDavid Mackenzie  United Kingdom
002008 (10th) Blind Loves Lehotský, JurajJuraj Lehotský  Slovakia
002009 (11th) Fish Tank Arnold, AndreaAndrea Arnold  United Kingdom
002010 (12th) The Four Times Frammartino, MichelangeloMichelangelo Frammartino  Italy
002011 (14th) Martha Islas Hernández, MarcelinoMarcelino Islas Hernández  Mexico
002012 (15th) Play Östlund, RubenRuben Östlund  Sweden
002013 (16th) The Daughter Anastopoulos, ThanosThanos Anastopoulos  Greece
002014 (17th) Force Majeure Östlund, RubenRuben Östlund  Sweden
002015 (18th) Magical Girl Vermut, CarlosCarlos Vermut  Spain
002016 (19th) A Good Wife Karanović, MirjanaMirjana Karanović  Serbia

Notable guests[edit]

People who visited the festival include:


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