Motrice Pia

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Motrice Pia
ManufacturerEnrico Bernardi (inventor)
Assembly1884 one-off
Engine122.5 cc single-cylinder, water cooled, gasoline engine with cast iron cylinder
Bore / stroke44 mm x 80.5 mm
Power0.024 bhp at 200 rpm
Frame typeWooden tricycle
Fuel capacity0.2 l (0.044 imp gal; 0.053 US gal)

The Motrice Pia was an early three-wheeled vehicle, introduced by Italian Enrico Bernardi, and sometimes credited as the first motorcycle.[1] The exact year of introduction depends on which one of the following milestones one considers: the demonstration of a gasoline engine in 1882–1884 (first used to power a sewing machine),[2][3] the application of the engine to a child's tricycle in 1884,[4] the application of this engine to a motorized tricycle (or low cart) in 1893,[2][5] or the mounting of the motor behind a bicycle on a one-wheel trailer via chain drive creating a "motorcycle" in 1894.[2]


Specifications in the box accompanying the article are from Museo Nicolis and refer to the 1884 tricycle.[4]


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