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The peak of Mottarone
Highest point
Elevation1,492 m (4,895 ft)
Coordinates45°52′49″N 08°27′04″E / 45.88028°N 8.45111°E / 45.88028; 8.45111Coordinates: 45°52′49″N 08°27′04″E / 45.88028°N 8.45111°E / 45.88028; 8.45111
Mottarone is located in Alps
Location in the Alps
LocationProvince of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola / Province of Novara, Italy
Parent rangePennine Alps

Mottarone is a mountain in the Western Alps of north-western Italy, with an elevation of 1,492 m.


The peak is in the communal territory of Stresa, between the Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore. The source of the Agogna river is located in the mountain.

Mottarone area is known for the production of cheese, the most renowned of which is the Toma del Mottarone.

SOIUSA classification[edit]

According to the SOIUSA (International Standardized Mountain Subdivision of the Alps) the mountain can be classified in the following way:[1]

Access to the summit[edit]

Mottarone cableway

The peak of Mottarone can be reached by a 20-minute ride on a cableway from Carciano, a frazione of Stresa. This was built to replace a rack and pinion railroad from Stresa in 1963. It overlooks the city of Verbania on the Lake Maggiore; the Monviso in the Maritime Alps, as well as the Monte Rosa, can be seen on clear sky days.

It is possible reach the peak of Mottarone by car. There are two roads: the first comes up from Armeno, west of the Mottarone summit near Lake Orta; the second, a private toll road, begins from Alpino, a frazione of Stresa on the eastern side of the summit.

On foot it's possible to reach the summit using path L1 from Stresa (designated CAI Stresa), which passes near the railway station. The suggested time to the summit is 4:20 from the station.

Winter sports[edit]

A ski resort with 21 km of downhill skiing slopes is located on Mottarone.[2]

Skiing on Mottarone has a long tradition. Sci Club Mottarone was founded in 1909. In January 1935 the first giant slalom in the history of ski racing took place on the Mottarone.[3] In 1940 the first ski lift opened called, Slittone. After World War II, the ski resort developed. Today there are 21 trails, something for every kind of skier. There are five ski lifts: Baby, Selva Spessa 1, Selva Spessa 2, La Rossa and Baita Omegna. In addition, there are two moving carpet lifts (tapis-roulants) for the beginners. Unfortunately, another lift, called Alpe Corti, was closed after 2011 at the end of its "technical life", in accordance with Italian law which allows certain lifts to be used only 30 years.


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