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Mottisfont Bats SSSI (grid reference SU314281) is a 230.98-hectare (570.8-acre) biological Site of Special Scientific Interest in Hampshire, notified in 2003. It is also a Special Area of Conservation.

The site consists of woods around Mottisfont, which supports a population of the Barbastelle bat which is considered by Natural England to be of national importance.

Biological interest[edit]

The site is used by the Barbastelles for breeding, roosting, commuting and feeding. It is the only known maternity roost in Hampshire and one of only six known sites in the United Kingdom as of 2002. Eight other bat species have been recorded at Mottisfont: Whiskered, Brown long-eared, Common and Soprano Pipistrelles, Serotine, Noctule, Daubenton's and Natterer's.

Mottisfont contains a mix of woodland types including hazel coppice with standards, broadleaved plantation and coniferous plantation.

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Coordinates: 51°03′05″N 1°33′12″W / 51.05139°N 1.55341°W / 51.05139; -1.55341