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This article is about the Fijian island. For the island in New Zealand, see Moturiki Island.

Moturiki is an island belonging to Fiji's Lomaiviti Archipelago. Covering an area of 10.4 square kilometers, it is situated at 17.45° South and 178.44° East.

The island is inhabited by about 2000 Fijians living in 10 villages. Daku, Naicabecabe, Nasauvuki, Nasesara, Navuti, Niubasaga, Savuna, Uluibau, Yanuca,and Wawa

Moturiki is of great archaeological interest. Important discoveries include the earliest Lapita sites of Fiji as well as the oldest human skeleton found in Fiji (dating about 3000 years).

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Coordinates: 17°45′S 178°45′E / 17.750°S 178.750°E / -17.750; 178.750