Moturiki Island

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Moturiki Island, Mount Maunganui

Moturiki Island, known as "Leisure Island" in English, is located just off Mount Maunganui beach. It is connected to the beach by a man made land bridge.[1] NIWA maintains a tide meter on Moturiki Island.[2] Moturiki Island offers rock climbing opportunities.[3]

Marineland Ltd built an aquarium in 1966, but this was closed in May 1981. Later in 1981 Marineland was reconstructed into Leisure Island,[4] a water park with swimming pools, bumper boats and hydro slide, which operated until 1990 when it was removed from the island.[5]


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Coordinates: 37°38′S 176°11′E / 37.633°S 176.183°E / -37.633; 176.183