Yujiulü Datan

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Yujiulü Datan (Chinese: 郁久閭大檀; pinyin: Yùjiǔlǘ Dàtán) (?-429 AD) khan of the Rouran (414-July, 429 with the title of Mouhanheshenggai Khan (牟汗紇升蓋可汗). He was the son of Yujiulü Hulü who in 414 was overthrown by his cousin Yujiulü Buluzhen, Yujiulü Datan would overthrow his cousin and succeed his father as khan of the Rouran. He was succeeded in 429 by Yujiulü Wuti.

Preceded by
Yujiulü Hulü
Khagan of the Rouran
Succeeded by
Yujiulü Wuti