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Moukheiber Al Ashkar is a Lebanese journalist. Born 1977 from a Greek Orthodox family in Halba in the region of Akkar. Founder and Chief in Editor of "Al Hakika" (The truth, Arabic: "الحقيقة") magazine 23 September 2003 (ceased publication 2007).

Beginning with "Nahar Ashabab" (Arabic: "نهار الشباب")[edit]

Started his journalism activities in 1995, as a reporter in the province of “Akkar” in “Lebanon” for "Nahar Ashabab" (a supplement about youth and universities published by the daily Beirut newspaper “An-Nahar”.) He continued in that same supplement until it stopped in 2000. He then started writing illustrated reportage in the reportage page of “An-Nahar”. He was awarded many appreciation and tributes by the said daily newspaper, especially the National Honor, awarded to him in Martyrs' Square, Beirut, on 6 May 1995, by the dean of "An-Nahar" Ghassan Tueni, and the Minister of Culture in Lebanon at that time Mr. Michel Eddeh and the martyr Gebran Tueni.

Locals activities in the region of "Akkar"[edit]

In 1996, he was one of the founders of "Akkar and the North" monthly magazine, dealing with local affairs in the provinces of “Akkar” and “North Lebanon”. He continued to work for it until 2002. He was its chief editor between 2000 and 2002.

Prepared and presented a number of programs in the "Sawtul Ghad" (90.4 MHZ). It was a political radio station broadcasting from Tripoli, and closed in 2000. (A number of news, cultural, economic, and sports programs).

Foundation of "Al Hakika" (The truth, Arabic: "الحقيقة")[edit]

On 23 September 2003, he founded "Al-Hakika" (Truth) magazine, following a license issued by the Minister of Information in Lebanon, under number 481/2003. He published that magazine and its chief editor. "Al-Hakika" is a general interest, national, and independent magazine. It organized many educational, cultural, and sports activities. It also supported many educational institutions.

Other activities[edit]

He participated in many conferences and lectures concerning press editing and press management, mainly the International Conference for press management in the Arab World, organized by “An-Nahar” newspaper, in cooperation with the international organization “FIEJ”. It was held at "Al-Bustan" Hotel in “Beit Meri”, Lebanon, in 1997.

He headed the Lebanese official delegation to the Second “Sharjah” Meeting of Arab Youth, in the UAE, in 2000, under the title: "Youth and Globalization". He holds a meritorious award from “Sharjah” Government, in the UAE.

Founder of "University Student Association" in 1998 and its head until 2002. This is an association of elite independent Lebanese students. The said association organized many development and cultural activities, mainly to develop underdeveloped regions. - Member of many cultural associations; Holder of many meritorious certificates from a number of cultural and community associations.

Delivered a number of lectures on environment, culture, politics, and the press, at the invitation of a number of community associations. He gave dozens of interviews on radio and TV, especially the Lebanese Television (TL), and the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBCI.) He participated in the preparation of a number of parts in TV programs.

He originated and created hundreds of news items and dozens of articles and reportages, which were published for him. They dealt with different subjects: political, social, development, environment, etc.

He met with many civil and religious officials and dignitaries both Lebanese and Arab.

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