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Origin Japan
Genres Pop
Years active 2005 (2005)-present
Labels Avex Trax
Gate Records
Members Yuka
Kousuke Masaki

Moumoon (stylized as moumoon) is a group formed by YUKA (Vo./ Lyrics) and Masaki (Gt./Composer) 『moumoon』 is a made-up term with a French word "mou (soft)" and "moon": soft moon.

They met at a summer rock festival about 10 years ago. A few weeks later, YUKA was struck by Masaki’s demos and she decided to start working with him. Masaki also felt something special with YUKA’s vocal so they started to make demos together. Thus moumoon was formed.

They have self-produced and arranged almost all of their songs. 

They both grow up with classical music with Masaki playing piano and YUKA playing violin. Their present musical style covers various types of music such as pop, alternative rock, electronica, folk and indie rock. However, YUKA’s lyrics and vocal add scenery and a story line to Masaki’s sensitive but dynamic melodies, thereby painting every song the “moumoon color” which is like phases of the moon.

After moumoon was formed, their songs were power played on radio and used in many TV commercials earning them name recognition. In 2014, they held the biggest tour of their career (16 cities in Japan) and performed at various music festivals. They are expanding their activities and have built a unique position as the first Japanese artist who has gained acceptance overseas.

They are holding unique live shows called “FULLMOON LIVE” every full moon night.


2004–2006: Formation and indies[edit]

Yuka and Masaki met in summer 2004, but it was not until 2005 that they formed Moumoon.[1] In October 2005, the duo held their first live performance at the Omotesando FAB.[1] In 2006, they signed with the indie label Gate Records and released their debut single "Flowers/Pride".[2] The single charted on the Oricon single charts at number 106.[3] Soon after, Moumoon released their debut mini-album, Flowers (September 2006), which debuted at number 63 on the Oricon album charts.[4]

Major debut[edit]

On May 12, 2010, they released their eighth single, "Sunshine Girl", which entered the Oricon single charts at number 12, a first for the group.[5] The following week the single rose to number 10, becoming their first Top 10 single.[6] The duo released their fourth mini-album, titled Spark, on July 7, 2010.[7]


Studio albums[edit]

No. Release Title
1 2008.11.08 moumoon
2 2011.03.02 15 Doors
3 2012.02.08 No Night Land
4 2013.01.30 PAIN KILLER
5 2014.01.29 LOVE before we DIE
6 2015.08.12 It's Our Time

Concept albums[edit]

No. Release Title
1 2014.06.18 ICE CANDY


No. Release Title
Indie 2006.09.06 Flowers
1 2007.08.22 love me?
2 2010.03.24 Refrain
3 2010.07.27 SPARK


No. Release Title
Indie 2006.07.26 Flowers / pride
1 2007.12.05 Do you remember?
2 2008.06.04 Tiny Star
3 2008.10.15 more than love
4 2009.02.25 EVERGREEN
5 2009.07.22 On the right
6 2009.11.25 Aoi Tsuki to Ambivalence na Ai
7 2010.05.12 Sunshine Girl
8 2010.11.10 moonlight / Sky High / YAY
9 2011.08.03 Chu Chu
10 2011.12.14 Uta wo Utaou
11 2012.03.14 "Love is Everywhere"
12 2012.05.02 Wild Child
13 2012.08.29 Hanabi
14 2012.12.12 DREAMER DREAMER / Doko e mo Ikanai yo
15 2014.05.08 Jewel
16 2014.08.27 I'm Scarlet
17 2015.02.25 Hello,shooting-star

Special singles[edit]

No. Release Title
1 2010.06.25 Let's dance in the moolight
2 2010.12.01 my Secret Santa

Digital singles[edit]

No. Release Title
1 2007.11.28 Do you remember? (moumoon exclusive Ver.)
2 2008.06.04 Tiny Star Exclusive
3 2008.10.15 more than love ~Special Edition~
4 2009.09.16 Destiny
5 2009.11.25 Aoi Tsuki to Ambivalence na Ai + Acoustic version
6 2010.10.13 One Step
7 2012.10.10 Vanitas
8 2013.10.25 Lovin' You
9 2013.11.06 Emerald no Oka
10 2013.12.17 winter fall
11 2014.01.15 I say You say I You
12 2014.04.16 Jewel
13 2014.08.06 I'm Scarlet
14 2014.10.02 BF


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