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Mounir Abou Fadel (Arabic: منير أبو فاضل) (English: Munir Abu Fadil) (June 5, 1912 – January 29, 1987) was a political figure of Lebanon, Member and Vice Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament.[1]

Personal background[edit]

Abou Fadel was born on June 5, 1912 in Ain Aanoub, Mount Lebanon. He belonged to the Eastern Orthodox Christian Community. He was married in 1957 to Reine Mohbat. They had three children, Marwan, born 1958, a local political figure, who was a former MP of Mount Lebanon, Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman of the Lebanese Democratic Party; Rafic, born 1960, an international consultant with expertise in new technologies and telecoms; and Mila, born 1964, an associative and social Lebanese figure.[citation needed]

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Professional background[edit]

Abou Fadel became a Member of the Lebanese Parliament for Mount Lebanon, serving from 1957 through 1987. He was Vice Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, having been elected over 20 times.

Prior to entering the political field, he was a high-ranked officer in the British Army in Palestine and conducted his troops to Beirut during the May–June 1945 crisis in Lebanon and Syria between France and Britain. He ended his military career as Brigadier General.

Abou Fadel was honored with 22 medals and distinctions, including Grand Officer of the Lebanese National Order of the Cedar, Grand Cordon of the Lebanese Order of Merit, Grand Commander of the Hellenic Order of the Phoenix, Greek Republic, many British distinctions, and two Vatican's distinctions.

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