Mount Jefferson (Nevada)

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Mount Jefferson
2015-05-04 12 00 03 View of Mount Jefferson, Nevada from the junction of Nevada State Route 376 and Round Mountain Road.JPG
View of the South Summit of Mt. Jefferson from SR 376 near Round Mountain
Highest point
Elevation11,946 ft (3,641 m) NAVD 88[1]
Prominence5,861 ft (1,786 m)[1]
Coordinates38°45′07″N 116°55′36″W / 38.751965453°N 116.926777789°W / 38.751965453; -116.926777789Coordinates: 38°45′07″N 116°55′36″W / 38.751965453°N 116.926777789°W / 38.751965453; -116.926777789[3]
Mount Jefferson is located in Nevada
Mount Jefferson
Mount Jefferson
LocationNye County, Nevada, U.S.
Parent rangeToquima Range
Topo mapUSGS Mount Jefferson
Easiest routeFrom Jefferson Summit near Meadow Canyon, a four-wheel drive road leads north to a trail which ascends directly to the Mount Jefferson South Summit, Hide class 1[4]

Mount Jefferson is the highest mountain in both the Toquima Range and Nye County in Nevada, United States. It is the sixth highest mountain in the state.[5] As the high point of a range which is well separated from other ranges by low basins, Mount Jefferson has a high topographic prominence of 5,861 feet (1,786 m). This makes it the most prominent peak in Nye County and the third most prominent peak in Nevada (after Charleston Peak and Wheeler Peak).[6] For similar reasons, it is also the highest mountain for over 90 miles in all directions.[1] It is located about 50 miles (80 km) northeast of the county seat of Tonopah within the Alta Toquima Wilderness of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, near the smaller towns of Carvers and Round Mountain. Three distinct summits are located on a broad area of subalpine tundra: North Summit rises to 11,820 feet (3,603 m),[7] Middle Summit to 11,692 feet (3,564 m),[8] and South Summit to 11,949 feet (3,642 m).[3] During the Pleistocene, alpine glaciers eroded several cirques east of the summit plateau.

Mount Jefferson view
360-degree panorama from Mount Jefferson's South Summit

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