Mount Suhora Observatory

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Mount Suhora Observatory
View from south-east
OrganizationCracow Pedagogical University
LocationMount Suhora, Gorce
Coordinates49°34′9″N 20°4′3″E / 49.56917°N 20.06750°E / 49.56917; 20.06750Coordinates: 49°34′9″N 20°4′3″E / 49.56917°N 20.06750°E / 49.56917; 20.06750
Altitude1,009 m (3,310 ft)
WebsiteOfficial website
(in English)
telescope0.6m Cassegrain reflector
Mount Suhora Observatory is located in Poland
Mount Suhora Observatory
Location of Mount Suhora Observatory
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The Mount Suhora Observatory (Polish: Obserwatorium astronomiczne na Suhorze) is an astronomical observatory owned and operated by the Astronomy department of the Pedagogical University of Cracow. It is located on Mount Suhora in the Gorce Mountains within the Gorce National Park, 50 km south of Kraków.[1]


Founded on November 5, 1987, Mt. Suhora Observatory serves a dual purpose. It is meant as a place of learning for students of the University's Astronomy department from Kraków as well as the research-work facility. The observatory has one 0.6 metre Cassegrain telescope along with a photometer and a CCD camera.



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