Mount Asahi (Yamagata)

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Mount Asahi
Mt.Oasahi 110625.jpg
Highest point
Elevation 1,870 m (6,140 ft)
Listing 100 Famous Japanese Mountains
Coordinates 38°15′38″N 139°55′20″E / 38.26056°N 139.92222°E / 38.26056; 139.92222Coordinates: 38°15′38″N 139°55′20″E / 38.26056°N 139.92222°E / 38.26056; 139.92222
Translation Mount Rising Run (Japanese)
Mount Asahi is located in Japan
Mount Asahi
Mount Asahi
Yamagata, Tōhoku, Japan
Parent range Asahi Mountains
First ascent Ridge
Easiest route Hiking

Mount Asahi (朝日岳 Asahidake?) is a mountain located on the border of Yamagata Prefecture with Niigata Prefecture, in northern Japan. It is part of the Asahi Mountain Range, which is part of Bandai-Asahi National Park. The mountain has a peak Ō-Asahidake (大朝日岳?) with a height of 1,870 metres (6,140 ft) which is wholly within Yamagata Prefecture, and a secondary peak Ko-Asahidake (小朝日岳?) with a height of 1,648 metres (5,407 ft) to the northeast. Another peak in the same range, Nishi-Asahidake (西朝日岳?) to the northwest has a height of 1,814 metres (5,951 ft).

It is one of the mountains described in Kyūya Fukada's book 100 Famous Japanese Mountains.[1]


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