Mount Awu

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Mount Awu
Mount Awu Crater.jpg
A shallow lake partially fills the summit crater in 1995
Highest point
Elevation 1,320 m (4,330 ft) [1]
Listing Ribu
Coordinates 3°40′N 125°30′E / 3.667°N 125.500°E / 3.667; 125.500Coordinates: 3°40′N 125°30′E / 3.667°N 125.500°E / 3.667; 125.500[1]
Mount Awu is located in Indonesia
Mount Awu
Mount Awu
Age of rock 100,000
Mountain type Stratovolcano
Last eruption June to August 2004[1]

Mount Awu (Indonesian: Gunung Awu) is the largest volcano in the Sangihe chain, located in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Powerful eruptions occurred in 1711, 1812, 1856, 1892 and 1966 with devastating pyroclastic flows and lahars that have resulted in more than 8,000 fatalities altogether. A 4.5 km wide crater is found at the summit and a deep valley forms a passageways for lahars, splitting the flanks from the crater. This is a volcano in the Ring of Fire.[1]

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