Mount Ayles

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Mount Ayles
Mount Ayles is located in Nunavut
Mount Ayles
Mount Ayles
Location in northern Canada
Highest point
Elevation 1,060 m (3,480 ft)
Coordinates 82°43′N 77°18′W / 82.717°N 77.300°W / 82.717; -77.300Coordinates: 82°43′N 77°18′W / 82.717°N 77.300°W / 82.717; -77.300
Location Nunavut, Canada
Parent range British Empire Range

Mount Ayles is a mountain located on Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada. It forms part of the border of the Quttinirpaaq National Park. Like the nearby Ayles Ice Shelf, the mountain was named by the Geological Survey of Canada in 1965 for Petty Officer Adam Ayles of HMS Alert, who was serving in the British Arctic Expedition under George Nares.[1]


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