Mount Azov

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Mount Azov
Гора "Азов". Вершина.JPG
Mount Azov, 2011
Highest point
Elevation588 m (1,929 ft)
Coordinates56°28′31″N 60°05′11″E / 56.47528°N 60.08639°E / 56.47528; 60.08639Coordinates: 56°28′31″N 60°05′11″E / 56.47528°N 60.08639°E / 56.47528; 60.08639
Mount Azov is located in Russia
Mount Azov
Mount Azov
Location in Russia
Parent rangeUral Mountains

Azov (Russian: Азов) is a mountain in Central Ural, Russia. It is located 8 km from Polevskoy next to the Zyuzelsky village. It's one of the natural monuments of Russia.[1]

According to Aleksandr Matveyev, the configuration of the rocks gives a reason to believe that the name of the mountain derives from the Tatar word azaw teš (азау теш), meaning 'molar tooth'. In other Turkic languages the word means 'fang', 'edge', or 'sting'.[2] The archaeologist E. Bers believed that in the Iron Age it served as a sacrificial place.

According to popular beliefs, the creature from the local folktales called Azovka (lit. 'the Azov girl') lives inside Mount Azov.[3]


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