Mount Babel (Quebec)

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Mount Babel
Mont Babel
Manicouagan Panorama.jpg
View from the east of Mount Babel (right of center), René-Levasseur Island, and the Manicouagan Reservoir.
Highest point
Elevation 952 m (3,123 ft) [1]
Prominence 590 m (1,940 ft) [1]
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Coordinates 51°26′28″N 68°41′31″W / 51.44111°N 68.69194°W / 51.44111; -68.69194Coordinates: 51°26′28″N 68°41′31″W / 51.44111°N 68.69194°W / 51.44111; -68.69194[1]

Mount Babel is the highest peak of the René-Levasseur Island, at 952 m (3,123 ft) above sea-level, which is 590 m (1,936 ft) above the Manicouagan Reservoir level. It lies within the Louis-Babel Ecological Reserve in Quebec, Canada.


The mount is named after Catholic missionary Louis Babel (1829–1912), who is said to have converted Montagnais and Naskapis.[2][3]

Mount Babel is the central peak of the Manicouagan crater and was formed by the rebound of the crust after the impact of a meteor 210 million years ago. The mountain and reservoir are of particular interest to geologists due to the shock metamorphosis it endured.[4]


Mount Babel is also a valuable research ground for biologists. One can find montane and alpine climate zones there, since meteorological conditions become increasingly extreme towards the summit. These conditions create a quick transition from boreal forest to tundra, where there can be found lichen and other arctic life forms that would normally be observed hundreds of kilometres further north.[5]


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