Mount Banping

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Mount Banping
Mt Ban Ping.jpg
Highest point
Elevation220 m (720 ft)
Coordinates22°41′56.3″N 120°18′40.1″E / 22.698972°N 120.311139°E / 22.698972; 120.311139Coordinates: 22°41′56.3″N 120°18′40.1″E / 22.698972°N 120.311139°E / 22.698972; 120.311139
LocationNanzih, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The Mount Banping (Chinese: 半屏山; pinyin: Bànpíng Shān) is a mountain in Nanzih District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.[1]


The name Banping means half screen, named so because of the mountain steep side resembles a painted screen.


During the Qing Dynasty rule of Taiwan, the mountain was the site of the most important limestone quarry in Taiwan. After the quarry was closed in 1997, the mountain was turned into a nature park. Vegetation is used for its slope protection and the old cement plant's grit removal pond was transformed into Banping Lake Wetland Park in the neighboring Zuoying District.


Visitors can hike the mountain via its wooden walkway to enjoy the panoramic views of Kaohsiung from the top of the mountain, which includes Lotus Pond, Zuoying District, Port of Zuoying, Niaosong District and Yancheng District.


The mountain is accessible within walking distance north of Xinzuoying Station.

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