Mount Barsa

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Mount Barṣa (Arabic: جبل برصة‎‎ ǧabal Barṣa [ˈd͡ʒæbæl ˈbærsˤa], Barṣa being a shortening of Barṣāyā) is a mountain in Aleppo Governorate in northern Syria. The mountain is located between Aʻzāz District and ʻIfrīn District.

Borders and description[edit]

The mountain is located between the Aʻzāz plain and the valley of River ʻIfrīn from east and west, respectively. To the south lie Mount Simeon, and to the north the plain of Kilis where the Akpınar River, one of the headwaters of Quweiq, rises.

The height of Mount Barṣa is 855 m. The mountain is drained by an intermittent river called Aʻzāz River, which drains into the Quweiq and forms the northern boundary of Mount Simeon.