Mount Bauple National Park

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Mount Bauple National Park
Mount Bauple National Park is located in Queensland
Mount Bauple National Park
Mount Bauple National Park
Coordinates 25°48′49″S 152°34′24″E / 25.81361°S 152.57333°E / -25.81361; 152.57333Coordinates: 25°48′49″S 152°34′24″E / 25.81361°S 152.57333°E / -25.81361; 152.57333
Established 1935
Area 5 km2 (1.9 sq mi)
Managing authorities Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service
See also Protected areas of Queensland

Mount Bauple is a scientific national park in Queensland, Australia, 190 km north of Brisbane.

The park’s main purpose is to protect the area’s exceptional scientific values. Mount Bauple shares its name with the bauple or bopple nut, the local name for the nut from the commercial Queensland nut tree Macadamia integrifolia. While this plant is cultivated extensively in Queensland and overseas, its natural distribution is extremely limited, and its status in the wild is listed as vulnerable. The commercial value of the species adds considerably to the importance of protecting the wild population.[1]


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