Mount Binaiya

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Mount Binaiya
Mount Binaiya is located in Indonesia
Mount Binaiya
Mount Binaiya
Location of Mount Binaiya on the Indonesian island of Seram
Highest point
Elevation3,027 m (9,931 ft) [1]
Prominence3,027 m (9,931 ft) [2]
Ranked 88th
Isolation704 kilometres (437 mi)
ListingIsland high point
Coordinates3°10′24″S 129°27′18″E / 3.17333°S 129.45500°E / -3.17333; 129.45500Coordinates: 3°10′24″S 129°27′18″E / 3.17333°S 129.45500°E / -3.17333; 129.45500[2]
LocationSeram, Maluku Province, Indonesia

Mount Binaiya (Indonesian: Gunung Binaia) is the highest point on the Indonesian island of Seram (or Ceram). At an elevation of 3,027 metres (9,931 ft), it is one of the one hundred most topographically prominent peaks on Earth.

Mount Binaiya or Binaya located at Manusela National Park with endemic biodiversity [3] like cassowary, cuscus, Todiramphus lazuli, Todiramphus sanctus, Philemon subcorniculatus dan Alisterus amboinensis (king parrot /ambon parrot, ternate parrot (Lorius garrulus), nape of purple parrot/Blackhead Parrot (L. domicella), Ceram Cockatoo (Cacatua moluccensis), kingfisher (Halcyon lazuli dan H. sancta),Big Seram honeybird (Philemon subcorniculatus), and Ceram bat(Pteropus ocularis. [4][circular reference]

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