Mount Blue (Maine)

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Mount Blue
Mount Blue Maine.jpg
Mt. Blue, seen from the north side of Webb Lake
Highest point
Elevation 3202  NAVD 88[1]
Prominence 1,840 ft (560 m) [2]
Listing 49 New England Fifty Finest
Coordinates 44°43′41″N 70°20′31″W / 44.728064169°N 70.341991756°W / 44.728064169; -70.341991756Coordinates: 44°43′41″N 70°20′31″W / 44.728064169°N 70.341991756°W / 44.728064169; -70.341991756[1]
Mount Blue is located in Maine
Mount Blue
Mount Blue
Topo map USGS Mount Blue
Easiest route Hiking, class 1

Mount Blue is a mountain in Maine, USA. It gives its name to Mount Blue State Park in Weld and Mount Blue High School in Farmington.

Access to Summit[edit]

Hikers can access the summit by a chain-gated entrance road which is located on the intersection of Center Hill Road and Mt Blue Road in Weld.[3] The Trailhead provides vehicle parking and is located at the end of Mt Blue Road, a 4.1-mile (6.6 km) mostly dirt road. Once on foot, hiking distance from Trailhead to summit 1.6 miles (2.6 km). Mount Blue offers a very steep, rocky, and strenuous trail which is well marked leading to the summit. Hikers should realize that climbing this trail is quite steep, rocky and therefore risky; an injury can leave a hiker in serious trouble on this mountain. Experienced, athletic hikers may be able to make this aggressive climb in roughly 1.5–2 hours, while recreational hikers may take 2–3 hours to reach the summit. At the summit there are stunning views to the North, East and South and an observation platform on a cell phone tower.

Nearby Lakes[edit]

West of Mount Blue is Webb Lake, a very shallow 2,124-acre (8.60 km2) lake. Webb Lake is publicly accessible and has several fish species, including brook trout.[4] About 3 miles (4.8 km) north of Mount Blue is Mount Blue Pond, a 134-acre (0.54 km2) lake that is accessible by the public and is reported to have good fishing.[5]

Featured in Literature[edit]

Mount Blue is believed by Judith Bluestone to possess spiritual qualities[citation needed]. In Judith Bluestone Polich's book "Children of Light", the author relays a story of how, in her early twenties, she experienced a transformative spiritual enlightenment while meditating at Mount Blue's summit. This author felt [weasel words] the mountain's intrinsic power help facilitate this experience.


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