Mount Bowlen

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Mount Bowlen
Mount Bowlen 2009.jpg
Mount Bowlen
Highest point
Elevation 3,206 m (10,518 ft) [1]
Prominence 170 m (560 ft)
Coordinates 51°18′06″N 116°11′22″W / 51.30167°N 116.18944°W / 51.30167; -116.18944Coordinates: 51°18′06″N 116°11′22″W / 51.30167°N 116.18944°W / 51.30167; -116.18944
Mount Bowlen is located in Alberta
Mount Bowlen
Mount Bowlen
Location in Alberta and British Columbia
Location Alberta / British Columbia
Parent range Bow Range
Topo map NTS 82N/08
First ascent 1901 G.T. Little, Charles S. Thompson, G.M. Weed, Hans Kaufmann[1]
Easiest route Peak 3

Mount Bowlen is located on the border of Alberta and British Columbia and forms part of the Valley of the Ten Peaks. It was named in 1953 after John J. Bowlen, a native of Prince Edward Island, successful Alberta rancher, honorary chief of the Blackfoot, and a Lieutenant Governor of Alberta. Its former name was "Yamnee", which translates to the number 3 in the local Nakoda (Stoney) language.[1][3]

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