Mount Bunagatake

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Mount Bunagatake
Mount Bunagatake.jpg
A View of Mount Bunagatake from Mount Goza
Highest point
Elevation1,214.4 m (3,984 ft)
Coordinates35°15′N 135°53′E / 35.250°N 135.883°E / 35.250; 135.883
Language of nameJapanese
LocationŌtsu, Shiga, Japan
Parent rangeHira Mountains

Mount Bunagatake (武奈ヶ岳, Bunagatake) is a 1,214.4-metre-high (3,984 ft) mountain in Ōtsu, Shiga Prefecture, Japan. This mountain is one of the 200 famous mountains in Japan and also one of the Kinki 100 mountains.


Mount Bunagatake is the highest mountain of Hira Mountains. Hira mountains consist of three parts, Oku-Hira, Kita-Hira and Minami-Hira, literally, ‘Deep Hira’, ‘North Hira’, and ‘South Hira’. Mount Bunagatake belongs to Oku-Hira, and on the Mesozoic strata as other mountains of Oku-Hira. This mountain is also a part of Biwako Quasi-National Park, and visitors can enjoy the almost 360 degree panorama view from the top.


From Hira Station to the middle of this mountain, Hira Chair Lift, which was made in 1960, and Hira Ropeway opened in 1961, connected until 2004 with a Bus route by Kojyaku Bus. However the chair lift and the ropeway were removed in 2004, and the Bus route was also discontinued after that.

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