Mount Burdell Open Space Preserve

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Coordinates: 38°08′15″N 122°35′49″W / 38.13750°N 122.59694°W / 38.13750; -122.59694[1]

A trail leads toward a copse on a steep hill
Old Quarry Trail

Mount Burdell Open Space Preserve is managed by Marin County Parks. Mount Burdell rises 1,558 feet (475 m) above sea level. Hidden Lake, a seasonal pond located about halfway to the top, is home to frogs, salamanders and other creatures during the wet season. The Marin County Open Space District, with the help of local residents, purchased the 1,627-acre (658 ha) preserve in 1977.[2]

Certain portions of the preserve are grazed by small herds of domestic cattle during spring which helps to reduce non-native grasses.[2]


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