Mount Cain Alpine Park

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Mount Cain Alpine Park is home to the Mount Cain Ski Area in northern Vancouver Island just southeast of Woss, British Columbia, Canada.

Mount Cain Ski Area only operates in the winter, on weekends and some holidays. The hill is relatively unknown, with only about 15,000 skier visits each season. There are no chairlifts, only t-bars. Along with a closed and patrolled ski hill, there are a large number of hiking destinations nearby, including Mount Abel, the West Bowl, and East Bowl. Snowmobiling is also a popular activity in the surrounding areas. Mount Cain is the only ski hill on northern Vancouver Island.

The hill is operated by a non-profit society known as the Mount Cain Alpine Park Society, which is responsible for the upkeep of the ski area and its financial operations. All directors are volunteers, and the number of directors changes every year. Directors resign and are voted on each year at the Annual General Meeting held in September. Many other volunteers devote much of their free time to helping the hill.

Mount Cain currently has 43 privately owned cabins, and the hill owns 2 rental cabins itself along with hostel style accommodation in the Main Lodge. Employees stay on the hill when on shift, since the nearest town is an hour away.

Since its opening day in 1979, Mount Cain has grown very little. Starting with one T-bar and one rope-tow, the only thing added since then is one more T-bar opening the upper half of the mountain. There are no current plans for future expansion of the ski area. However, in the past few years many newcomers have taken interest in becoming cabin owners. As of 2007, more than five new cabins had been built in the preceding year, with five more planned for the following two years.

Coordinates: 50°13′20″N 126°21′06″W / 50.22217°N 126.35170°W / 50.22217; -126.35170