Mount Cheeseman

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Mount Cheeseman is a club snowfield in New Zealand's South Island, near the town of Springfield, about an hour and a half from Christchurch. Situated in a south-east-facing basin, it features two T-bar lifts and one learner tow. The runs cover an elevation range of 1570–1840 metres, with a distribution of 15% beginner slopes, 50% intermediate, and 35% advanced. Some of the slopes are groomed.

There is accommodation for 68 people in the onsite Snowline Lodge, and for 38 in the nearby Forest Lodge.

Named for the world renowned Thomas Frederick Cheeseman. Botanist and Curator of Auckland Museum. Awarded the Gold Linnean Medal of the Linnean Society the botanical equivalent to a Nobel Medal. Acknowledge by Darwin as the authority on orchid reproduction.

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Coordinates: 43°09′26″S 171°40′08″E / 43.157188°S 171.668996°E / -43.157188; 171.668996