Mount Cooroora

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Mount Cooroora
Mount Pomona
Queensland State Archives 262 Skyring Creek Road Pomona looking towards Mount Cooroora c 1931.png
Mount Cooroora in the 1930s
Highest point
Elevation439 m (1,440 ft)
Coordinates26°22′17″S 152°50′17″E / 26.3714°S 152.838065°E / -26.3714; 152.838065Coordinates: 26°22′17″S 152°50′17″E / 26.3714°S 152.838065°E / -26.3714; 152.838065
Mount Cooroora is located in Queensland
Mount Cooroora
Mount Cooroora
Mountain typeVolcanic plug
Easiest routeHiking trail

Mount Cooroora is located in the town of Pomona in the Sunshine Coast Region, Queensland, Australia.[1] The peak is a 439 metres high intrusive volcanic plug.[2] The Electoral district of Cooroora is named after the mountain.


Mount Cooroora plays host to the King of the Mountain Festival.[3] The main event at the festival is a footrace straight up the mountain drawing participants from all over the world. Winners of the race complete the run to the summit in a little over 20 minutes. The first run by a local footballer to the top of the mountain occurred in 1958.[4] The Mountain Challenge race began in 1979 and has been run every year since.


A maintained path helps guide hikers to the mountain's peak, where good views of the surrounding area are available. The walk takes about two hours and is graded moderate to hard.[5] One section of the climb includes steep metal ladders.[5]

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